HURRICANE FIONA DONATIONS TO BENEFIT ATLANTIC CANADIANS l An East Coast Christmas with the Barra MacNeils A Seasonal Fundraiser to Benefit the Hurricane Fiona Victims of Atlantic Canada

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As most of us know, Atlantic Canada was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Fiona. Many areas were declared disaster areas. Home and property damage was massive and many insurers are not covering the damage. Along with enjoying the seasonal benefit concert, where the Barra MacNeils and Celtic Performing Arts will donate net proceeds, we hope that in the spirit of caring and Christmas, Vancouver Islanders will show some great west coast generosity and send our East Coast friends a Christmas gift, by way of a donation, that will make them and Santa smile.

Net proceeds of this special concert go to the Red Cross Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal, where donations are doubled with matching contributions by the Goverrnment of Canada. Note: Order more "packages" of $10 if you wish to donate more that $10.

May God bless you as you give a gift to help fellow Canadians in need. Happy Christmas to you!


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